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CHABO HOUSE was originally a garage founded in 1998 in Aichi, JAPAN. It was named after the owner "CHABO".


When a bunch of teenagers got their first motorcycle license, they needed a place to customize their motorcycle, make one-off parts, and even their own jewellery.


For over 10 years, CHABO HOUSE had been a preferred hangout for many motorcycle enthusiasts and inspired a generation of youth to customise their motorcycles with a distinct and unique style.


After the garage was closed down, one of the founders, Shinichiro Harada (Shin) started CHABO HOUSE DESIGNS in Cairns, Australia.


Shin transitioned his creative outlet from fashioning large scale motorcycle parts to designing sterling silver jewellery.


He is inspired by the Australian natural environment and the wildlife that lives here. Shin creates wide range of animal and nature motif jewellery as well as simple and dainty designs using sterling silver and the other finest quality materials.


Shin’s wife Erika is an integral part of the business providing inspiration for the simple and dainty pieces, and advises on what he should make to match her latest outfit!


Shin is well known for his unique pieces and is especially proud of his turtles and jellyfish pieces.


When he is not making jewellery (which he LOVES to do!) he is a keen coffee connoisseur and even has a professional machine at home!

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